Rovanpera: Toyota needs to work on second-pass set-up

Kalle Rovanpera is being of the opinion that Toyota has to improve the set-up of Yaris for the second passes of the stages considering his lack of pace in Sweden.

The reigning WRC Champion finished in fourth place overall behind Ott Tanak and Thierry Neuville and was cleaning the road on Friday as he started first on the stages. He was the fastest driver in six from 18 stages at Rally Sweden, but he was slower than Neuville on the second passes of stages resulting in dropping behind the last one and eventually losing the battle for the lowest position of the podium.

"It’s quite clear we were always fast on the first-pass conditions", Rovanpera said.

"I think it’s a bit specific here, but for sure our car has never been so good on the second-pass conditions than like Hyundai. 

"So, we need to work on that.

"Definitely we need to make the second passes a bit better. 

"We are always struggling a bit more there than the first pass.

"We still are in the same pace if we take the whole weekend, but definitely we need to work on the second-pass setups.

"I was quite clear that I lost time driving still good, same as all the time. 

"But first pass I can be stage winning time and then lose way too much on the second pass, so it’s not so good".


Photo Credits: Toyota

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