WRC calendar of 2024 to be announced in July

The WRC event director, Simon Larkin, says that the next year's WRC calendar will be announced next July admitting that there will be two American rounds in 2024.

So far, Monte Carlo, Kenya, Greece, Sweden, Portugal, Central Europe, Sardinia and Chile will for sure host a WRC round next year while Finland and Japan are expected to remain in World Rally Championship. Unfortunately, UK is unlikely to return to WRC as WRC Promoter gave to the organizers a new deadline to negotiate with the government of Northern Ireland, which was until the end of last May, but there is no news about it, therefore it is tipped that Rally GB is out of competition. Nevertheless, Latvia reached an agreement with WRC Promoter meaning that this country will be included to the calendar and it will be the first time that WRC will go there as Rally Latvia was running ERC events for many years. Finally, Middle East is expected to make its return to the series while Argentina is very close in becoming the second American round of the sport if US fails to secure a WRC slot in 2024.

"We were never planning to wait for the [Rally USA] candidate event and we will make a decision, and we will probably still run the candidate event in September that is our intention, but we will make that decision in July", Larkin said. 

"The candidate event is being run for either 2024 or 2025.

"It will be two events in the Americas so that can be Chile and the US, Chile and Mexico or Chile and Argentina.

"There will be two events in the Americas and there is stiff competition. 

"As we have always said we have to make a decision on the US for 2024 or 2025, before we can secure a contract for the second event in the Americas and that will happen next month.

"There is more than one proposal from Argentina".

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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