FIA confirms a regulation stability in WRC for the next two years

FIA announced today that the current regulations will remain unchanged in World Rally Championship for the next two years which means that the Rally1 and the Rally2 cars will continue running in WRC until the end of 2026.

The World Motor Council was held today where FIA made some important decisions on the future of WRC. More specifically, Rally1 and Rally2 cars will remain unchanged for the coming two years as FIA took into account the feedback and the discussions that were made by the WRC teams throughout this year. However, 2027 will be the year where WRC will have new regulations, but they will be under approval next December and are currently under discussion with the stakeholders and the manufacturers in order to increase the participation at the top level. However, FIA hopes that M-Sport Ford, Hyundai and Toyota will commit to the long-term future of the sport well in advance. Finally, FIA gives emphasis on increasing the opportunities for media activation and reducing the costs for its competitors, thus the final versions of these sporting regulations will be proposed on October.

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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