WRC is thinking of bringing helmet cameras to TV coverage

WRC Promoter is considering of including a helmet-coverage during a rally weekend in the future, but it is under development in order to provide a high-quality streaming to the Rally TV subscribers.

More specifically, WRC Promoter is currently cooperating with Stilo in order to develop some helmet cameras which will be used for live streaming during a stage. The purpose of this project is to offer a cockpit view to the fans of how the competitors are driving, but the most important on what the drivers see on the stages. Helmet cameras are being used in Formula1 with a great success as the fans are watching with bated breath their favorite drivers during a qualifying lap or a race and can feel the speed of the Formula1 cars and how scary a moment can be if a driver meets a slow car in the racing line. Rally TV includes two packages and a subscriber have the chance to watch all the stages live, onboard videos, live mapping and many videos from the past as well as the preview magazine ahead of a rally and the event highlights.

"WRC Promoter is collaborating extensively with Stilo to develop a camera system specifically designed for open-face helmets commonly worn by drivers and co-drivers at the elite level of rallying", the senior director of content and communications for WRC Promoter, Florian Ruth, said.

"Ensuring top-notch image quality is crucial for this project. 

"Therefore, when this camera is homologated, we want to be confident that it provides fans with an almost perfect driver’s-eye view from the world’s most thrilling cockpit".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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