Neuville handed a fine and a possible suspension for speeding breach at Rally Estonia

The stewards of Rally Estonia have given to Thierry Neuville a fine and a possible suspension of this year's Championship at the end of this event.

The Belgian driver ran with a high speed on the road section from Stage 22 to Stage 23 and he infringed the limit of the speed which is 90 Km/h. 

This incident happened because Neuville and his co-driver, Martijn Wydaeghe, stopped after the end of Stage 22 to check their i20 as they suspected possible technical issues. 

Then, they started late for the start line of Stage 23, so Neuville decided to speed up and his speed reached 190 Km/h instead of the normal speed of 90 Km/h.

Therefore the stewards decided to give him a fine of 2.500 euros. Furthermore, it is mentioned on the stewards decision that Neuville may be suspended of one event if he repeats this breach again this season and his speed must not exceed the 30% or more of the aplicable speed limit on the road sections of the upcoming events. 

Watch below the Stegards decision:

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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