M-Sport Ford in no hurry to confirm 2022 line-up

The team principal of M-Sport Ford, Richard Millener, says that his team does not hurry to decide 2022 line-up revealing that there are discussions with many drivers for next year.

Gus Greensmith, Adrien Fourmaux and Teemu Suninen are the current drivers of the British team, but they do not take the results they expected and they do not be so competitive in comparison with the other drivers except from Fourmaux who won a stage at Safari Rally Kenya. 

However, the Fiesta lacks reliability in the last races as Greensmith faced electrical and technical issues with it and as a result of that he was forced to retire and to restart under the regulations of Rally2 dropping him outside the top ten.

"I think there’s still a few options", said Millener. 

"There’s still no rush from our side, people can guess quite easily the number of seats that are still available, the number of drivers that are still available.

"I’d be lying if I said we didn’t speak to every single person that’s available, but ultimately, like I’ve said in previous interviews, all three of the drivers we have in terms of Gus, Adrien, and Teemu all have good potential and if we stayed as we are then I still wouldn’t be disappointed.

"We’ve shown we can still be competitive. 

"We might not be pushing 100 per cent for every rally to try and win, but events like Safari and Croatia show we can be competitive.

"I know the media focused heavily on Adrien in Safari, but Gus still beat him on the stage times. 

"I think it’s very fair to say they’re both driving at the same pace.

"In terms of next season, like I said: there’s no real rush, but obviously we would like to get things in place sooner rather than later because those drivers would test the [2022] car more and more towards the start of next year to get more comfortable with these new regulations.

"It’s a bit more pressing maybe than last year when we used the same car, but we’re not in a position to announce anything as yet".

Source: wrc.com

Photo Cradits: M-Sport

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