Evans not being on the limit at Rally Estonia

Elfyn Evans reveals that he was not on the limit at Rally Estonia and he aims to change his approach for the remaining events of this season after his last race. 

The Welsh driver finished fourth at Rally Estonia and he was not able to match his pace with his rivals as he was struggling with the set-up of Yaris.

It must be mentioned that Evans crashed at South Estonia Rally which was held one week before Rally Estonia.


"I don’t think Estonia this year had anything to do with crashing at South Estonia Rally", Evans told DirtFish.

"But it’s always been in my mind that I don’t want two accidents in a row. 

"Now, at this stage in my career, maybe I need to shake that off a little bit and just get on with it.

"It’s not just about taking more risks – if I’d done that [in Estonia] I’m not sure how much faster I would’ve been. 

"I just wasn’t hitting the nail on the head in terms of my rhythm; there wasn’t quite the finesse.

"It wasn’t – I don’t think – like I was lifting a lot more in places compared to other drivers".

Moreover, Evans explains why he is behind Sebastien Ogier in the driver's championship with a 37-point gap: "We know we have to be consistently winning, not consistently finishing to win championships.

"We’ve been just behind almost all year and we have to turn that tide around. 

"The big points difference came with a mistake on Safari, when he won the rally and banked powerstage points as well. 

"If you subtract that total away from the gap, it would look far more healthy [for us]".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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