Greensmith - I did not deserve to be in a WRCar at the start of 2021

Gus Greensmith admits that he did not deserve to have a WRC seat at the start of this season taking into account his last year's performances and he has now learned to deal with the criticism he reads in social media.

The British driver did many mistakes last year which some of them led him to retire in some events while he had many crashes, such as at Rally Monza.

Therefore, it was shocking news to the WRC world when M-Sport Ford announced Greensmith as its main driver for 2021 with Teemu Suninen and Adrien Fourmaux sharing the second car of the team.

Greensmith did some major changes this year as he changed his young co-driver with someone who is more experienced and that change helped him a lot to improve his driving style and his approach.

In fact, he rarely does mistakes now and he finished fifth overall at Rally Portugal, but his Ford Fiesta WRC lacks reliability as he faced many electrical and technical issues in this season's races and as a result of that he finished outside the top ten in three events.

"Where I was at the start of this year, I was in no way deserving of being in a World Rally Car", said Greensmith.

"But since then it’s been improving and going a lot better.

"It would be a lot more promising for the people looking from the outside in if we hadn’t had the issues we’ve had – the speed’s certainly improving. 

"I need to keep going and look for an issue-free Greece and see what we can do there".

Finally, Greensmith said about the criticism he faces in his WRC career: "That doesn’t bother me that much.

"Anybody who drives at this level is going to have criticism and you’ve just got to learn to take it.

"If you can’t take it then f*** off out of the sport because there’s no point being here.

"Obviously, no driver likes to be criticized because all you’re trying to do is your best, but you just learn to deal with it and as long as I feel what I’m doing is good enough and the people who matter are happy then that’s what that matters.

"I want to get better, I want to keep improving, I want stage wins and to stand on the podium, so I’ll keep putting in the effort".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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