Neuville managing his rally from the start of Ypres Rally Belgium

Thierry Neuville says that he was controlling all the time his pace at Ypres Rally Belgium and he felt comfortable from the beginning of that event enjoying his home win and the Spa circuit.

The Belgian driver was in the lead of Ypres Rally Belgium at the end of Stage 4 and he managed to claim his first victory for this season in his home event.

This victory plus the three extra points he scored in Powerstage put him in the second position in driver's championship having the same points as Elfyn Evans.

The home hero controlled his gap from the second Craig Breen during all the weekend and he knew where to push and where not to in order to avoid unnecessary risks.

In fact, the Hyundai driver was losing some time in some stages in comparison with Breen, because he was trying to some cuts and some dirty places in the road, so that he do not pick up a puncture.

"I was in control of the rally all the time and that made me feel quite comfortable from the beginning", Neuville said.

"I knew I didn’t need to go faster. I could have if that was needed.

"I was afraid to get hit by any trouble and not being able to secure the victory. 

"That was really important for the team. 

"To get the double podium and being very strong all weekend. 

"That was important for both championships.

"You are always fast, there are a lot of slippery places and when you are in sixth gear, a little bit sideways on narrow roads, it gives you the impression of speed and how fast those cars can be. 

"That was really fun all weekend long.

"Coming here today to Spa, the nicest circuit in the world, in a WRC car. 

"That was fun as well.

"I really enjoyed the part on the race track as the grip was really high and you have to adapt your driving as our cars are very soft and high and groaning a little bit too much. 

"It makes you slide at high speed. 

"It was very fun".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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