Toyota lacked experience to win Ypres Rally Belgium

The team principal of Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT, Jari-Matti Latvala, mentions that his team did not have the experience from the roads in Belgium to fight for the win, but he keeps the positive things from this weekend.

It was the first time for the Toyota drivers that they participated in Ypres Rally Belgium and they did not know what to expect there in comparison with two of Hyundai drivers.

On the other hand, Craig Breen and Thierry Neuville had competed in Belgium in the past and in fact they had participated there many times having won this event, so they knew what to expect and where to push in the stages.

Moreover, the problem for Toyota began from the tests in Belgium as its drivers tested in wet conditions whereas Hyundai drivers tested in dry conditions.

"I think all the drivers did a good job this weekend, we just couldn't fight for the victory because we didn't have the experience here," said Latvala.

"On Friday our guys had to learn about the surface and the grip levels and once they had that experience they could match the top times for the rest of the rally, but by then it was a little too late.

"But we know that we can't win every rally and still we got important points for the championship this weekend."


Photo Credits: Toyota

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