Adamo upset with the continuing car problems of Hyundai

The team principal of Hyundai Motorsport, Andrea Adamo, feels upset that the i20 problems still remain despite the fact that some problems have been solved.

Thierry Neuville stated at the end of Friday in Greece that he had faced electrical issues with his i20 in four races in a row and he could not believe that these problems have not been solved yet.

On the other hand, Adamo disagreed with his driver's statement as the first one supports that some issues have been solved and there are not many things to do due to the technical regulations and the homologation.

At Acropolis Rally Greece, the Belgian driver dropped positions on Friday due to the fact that he had power steering issues which have been intedified on tyre fitting zone before Stage 4, but he accomplished to find the cause before the start of SS5 as a pipe was broked and he glued it, so the power steering issues stopped to exist.

Moreover, Neuville hit trouble on the tyre fitting zone before the start of Stage 14 as his car could not have restarted and he was working on his i20 with the intension of not having any problem in Powerstage and of being able to reach to the finish line.

Finally, Ott Tanak reported some electrical issues at the end of SS13, but generally Hyundai faces suspension and electrical issues in the last events while the i20 engine of Neuville and of Tanak stalled in many stage corners of the last events.

"It cannot be that we have sometimes the same problem again, and now I’m over upset", Adamo said.

"It’s not a matter of whether it’s the first time or not the first time, it’s also a regulation to respect and we cannot change all the things as they are.

"There are things that are not happening before with the evolution that we have done, and some things are getting better, some things are getting worse.

"Let me say, there are things that we should have solved. 

"If you want to say somehow that we are not doing the things properly, you have the right to say that.

"In this moment I’m not happy".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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