Loubet handed a fine for safety breach at Acropolis Rally Greece

The Stewards of Acropolis Rally Greece decided to give to Pierre-Louis Loubet and to Florian Haut-Labourdette a fine for breaking the safety protocol of a post-crash.

Specifically, the Hyundai crew stopped on Stage 4 to change a wheel when Loubet saw an alert sign to his dashboard and eventually they suffered from a puncture.

However, Loubet and Haut-Labourdette addressed that there was a failure to activate the OK button on the FIA Safety tracking device within one minute after stopping in the stage.

On the other hand, the manager of the crew reported to FIA that the co-driver activated the OK button when he saw the alert after they entered to their car from a tyre change and the SAS system was unusually long to show on screen the "OK" and the "SOS" after having stopped on the stage.

The crew must pay jointly a fine of 2.000 euros for this infringment.

Read below the Steward's decision:

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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