Neuville about his retirement in Stage 14 of Rally Finland

Thierry Neuville is referring to the incident he had in Stage 14 which led him to his retirement of Rally Finland and he is being disappointed with how things were evolved.

The Belgian driver was forced to stop on an access road of Stage 14 after a jump as his i20 was landed badly resulting in damaging the radiator and the lamp pod.

Moreover, he was not able to restart on Sunday under the regulations of Rally2, because Hyundai mechanics detected an engine damage which was caused by a water leaking due to the radiator damage.

Therefore Neuville did not score any point in Finland at the cost of his DNF was in his fight for the 2021 Driver's Championship as his title hopes are over after his retirement there.

It must be mentioned that Neuville was in fifth position overall before the start of Stage 14 and he was fighting for the fourth position with Esapekka Lappi.

"We had a water leakage on the car and we tried to carry on but we couldn’t", Neuville said.

"Something has broken after a compression. 

"I didn’t check yet what, but my target was to go the end but we couldn’t.

"Same compression the light pod came loose but it’s just fixed on the bumper, obviously something broken.

"Very bad luck, nothing I could do, I was on the middle of the road, I was on a flat corner so there was no reason to brake for it, but maybe there was a stone pulled out by the car in front or something I have no idea, I didn’t investigate yet. 

"But the footage will show us.

"Two races in a row with some technical issues is a bit a shame".


Phot Credits: Hyundai

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