Ogier fined for not stopping on police signals in Spain

The stewards of Rally Spain gave to Sebastien Ogier another fine for overtaking on hard shoulder through the road section.

Specifically, the incident happened on Saturday when Ogier overtook a car driving in front of him on a road section using the hard shoulder on the right-hand side and also he did not stop when being shown to do so by the police officer at the incident site.

The French driver was fined by the police for these two infringments and he has to pay extra 2.000 euros after stawards' decision.

Moreover, Ogier fined 200 euros on Friday for not wearing correctly his safety clothing and equipment until the control end of Stage 6 as his balaclava was outside his racing suit. 

It must be mentioned that Ogier received a suspension ban in Croatia this year when he was involved in a car accident, because he left from the accident site despite that the police officers told him not to leave, therefore he received a six-month warning if he repeated this breach within six months.

Watch below the Stewards' decision:

Photo Credits: Toyota

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