Rally Spain was a learning process for Rovanpera ahead of Monza

Kalle Rovanpera says that he learned many things in his car at tarmac Rally Spain and he is being confident that he will use this knowledge for the upcoming Rally Monza.

It was the first time for the Finn driver with the Yaris in the tarmac stages of Rally Spain and he managed to finish fifth overall despite the fact that he was struggling with the set-up of his car through the weekend.

More specifically, he mentioned at the end of Stage 4 that the set-up of his Yaris was not good from testing and he had to do some changes to it as he was slow in all stages of the first loop of Friday due to the fact that he was not confident with the tyres.

Finally, he said at the end of Stage 7 that he was still struggling with the set-up of his Yaris despite the changes he did at the first service of Friday.

"I was learning a lot with my driving on the first day", said Rovanpera. 

"It was difficult to be completely relaxed with the car until I was confident and happy with the set-up. 

"When you’re not completely relaxed it can be a struggle.

"We worked with the set-up of the car for Saturday and I understood how to make the tyre work more then. 

"Everything was getting better after that – it was a good learning weekend.

"I wanted to aim for the Wolf Power Stage win on the final day, but the road was drying for the guys coming behind, so that was difficult.

"The car will be set-up quite different for Monza.

"But I learned a lot here and I am sure I can take that and use it in Monza. 

"The key thing is to come into the event with the set-up right, then you don’t have to make the changes to the car during the event".

Source: wrc.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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