Tanak about his crash in Stage 4 of Rally Spain

Ott Tanak explains the crash he had in Stage 4 of Rally Spain which resulted in retiring from the rest of the events as his i20 was irrepatable.

The Estonian driver was forced to retire from Rally Spain after the crash he had in Stage 4 where his i20 went off the road after a corner and the rear right of his car hit a tree stump.

As a result of that impact, Tanak's i20 had been damaged mainly in chassis and it was impossible for the Hyundai mechanics to repair it, so he was not able to restart on Saturday under the regulations of Rally2.

However, Tanak was struggling with his car on Friday morning as he reported understeer at the end of Stage 1 and in fact he had a spin in Stage 2 having dropped 21,3 seconds there.

"It has been a day of unpleasant surprises", Tanak said.

"This morning, in SS2, we had quite an impressive spin, and then at the start of the afternoon loop we went off and had to retire the car.

"We hit a tree stump which caused damage to the car that is unfortunately irreparable.

"It was quite an impact, so we were probably carrying too much speed into the corner.

"We locked the wheel a bit, and together with the dirt, we couldn’t save it.

"Martin and I are both fine; we weren’t really over the limit, so it came a bit out of the blue".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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