Ogier has mixed feelings after Monza and title win

Sebastien Ogier is being happy with his title win this year, but at the same time he feels an inside emptiness for ending his partnership with his co-driver, Julien Ingrassia, after the last one retiring from WRC at the end of this year.

The French driver clinched his eighth title in WRC and he became the second most successful driver in the history of WRC after winning this year's title.

This season was the last one for Ogier and Ingrassia as a crew while the first one finished his full campaign career in WRC this year and he will participate in a selected number of events in 2022 sharing the third hybrid Yaris with Esapekka Lappi.

"Definitely emotion came like a firework crossing the final line, I would say", Ogier said.

"I am super happy winning this title.

"But the biggest emotion today was the small one. 

"I would like to know what Julien is thinking, but it was such a weird feeling knowing that’s it now and that is really the end now.

"We achieved much more than we were dreaming 15 years ago when we met. 

"This scenario to end up this way is the best way possible. 

"One more unforgettable memory that I have with Julien. 

"Hard to describe all what we feel right now.

"There is also this emptiness. 

"All the pressure the attention and the questions and expectation, whatever. 

"You achieve it and it’s amazing and then you feel empty a bit. 

"It is unique days but you need also more time to appreciate the success".

Source: wrc.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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