Ogier often regrets not retiring at the end of 2021

Sebastien Ogier wishes he had decided to retire after this year's Rally Monza explaining that he desires to spend time with his family and to take a break from racing as he puts a lot of energy into it.

The French driver clinched his eighth title in his WRC career this weekend and he ended his full campaign in WRC at the end of Rally Monza as he will retire and he will take part in a selected number of events next year.

However, his co-driver, Julien Ingrassia, will not continue his WRC career next year as he announced his retirement from WRC at the end of 2021, so this event was the last time together.

Moreover, Ogier will share the third hybrid Yaris with Esapekka Lappi in 2021 while at the same time he will compete in WEC with Toyota team.

Finally, it must be mention that he has already done the simulation test and has participated in rookie test of Toyota in Bahrain earlier this month.

"I want to enjoy time with my son more than anything right now, with my wife as well", said Ogier.

"There is time for everything in life and I’m not that old either, so that means I already sometimes regret that I didn’t stop completely right now because I need to prepare already for Monte very soon and that doesn’t make me very happy to be honest.

"But I think there is no perfect way to end a career anyway. 

"We are all struggling to find a way to do it, and my way to do it I feel is the right one for me right now because I want to have more time for myself and my family but somehow I still keep my feet in the sport and it’s matching the actual rules, as it’s nice for a team to have a third car shared by drivers so somehow everyone is happy.

"But I think somehow I need a break. 

"Maybe it’s the fact that I’m always a guy of extremes. 

"When I do something, I do something 100%, or I don’t do it. 

"But the thing is maybe after these 15 years putting so much energy into it, I maybe emptied my tank of motivation, even excitement, a little bit.

"Sometimes you lose a little bit of the excitement, and it cannot be like this as it was a dream of mine to do rally and still I enjoy it so much.

"But when you reach this point and you realize that you are thinking too much about the negatives when you go to a race compared to all this joy that it brings you, that’s maybe the time that you need to reset a little bit, take a break at least.

"Maybe that comes to a complete end, maybe I miss it and I come back a little bit more, I don’t know. 

"Because I’m still not that old maybe for rallying. 

"But right now I need this break".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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