Evans expects a very open Championship in 2022 after Ogier's departure

Elfyn Evans believes that the fight for next year's title will be very open after Sebastien Ogier's retirement from WRC considering the uncertainty that new cars will bring to the Championship.

The Welsh driver fought with Ogier for the driver's Championship the last two years and these fights went to the final round of both seasons, but he did not manage to become a Champion in WRC as the first one could not manage the pace that the last one showed in Monza on these seasons.

Therefore, Evans finished in second position overall in driver's championship in 2020 and in 2021, but his chance to become a WRC Champion is very high for 2022 after Ogier's departure from WRC.

"I think next year it is still very open, let’s say there are many quick drivers in the championship now who are still very quick to beat and of course with the hybrid regulations there are still a lot of unknowns", Evans said.

"It could be very difficult to come out with the best car even. 

"We have to see what next year brings".

Finally, he says that he will not be the #1 driver of Toyota in 2022 as his teammates are equal to him: "I might be the oldest and perhaps the one with the most experience but we also know the structure within Toyota is very equal.

"There is not more weight behind one driver or another and I think that is the best way.

"We all get along very well. 

"It is also great to have Seb still involved and we can bounce off each other like we have done this year".

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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