Evans - Battery use will be a critical element of driving

Elfyn Evans believes that the battery will play a critical role in stages and is aware that the wrong use of this boost could have a massive effect during the stages.

WRC cars will be hybrid this year and their total horsepower can reach at 500hp which means that these cars will be even faster than before.

The drivers can use this extra power in specific stages, in the road sections between stages and around service park.

However, many drivers and co-drivers have expressed their fears for these new cars as FIA decided to change the sporting and safety regulations.

"I think hybrid is something very new that we are all still finding out about," Evans said.

"What we do know is the amount of deployment we have is controlled by the FIA, and of course if the deployment is at a high level, then that has quite an effect on the acceleration of the car.

"If you generate far less of those accelerations, then your stage time is massively hurt by that.

"The battery at its most powerful is worth over 100 horsepower. 

"You only need a few of those accelerations from slow junctions where you don't have it, for it to have a massive effect.

"Of course it is critical element of driving, I think it is going to be probably more critical in some event than others.

"If you are racing in a slippery event then it is less crucial, but if you are on dry tarmac you can make full use of that power."

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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