Ogier - Loeb and Galmiche have done a remarkable rally

Sebastien Ogier admits that Sebastien Loeb's and Isabelle Galmiche's perfromance in Monte Carlo was remarkable and he enjoyed the fight with them.

The French driver claimed the lead of Rally Monte Carlo on Saturday, but eventually he lost the lead from Sebastien Loeb as the first one had a puncture in the penultimate stage of the event resulting in dropping 34 seconds.

Moreover, Ogier received a 10-second time penalty in Powerstege as he had a jumpe start at the start of this stage, so his hopes to fight with Loeb and to win were over after this decision.

"Of course, I am disappointed", Ogier said.

"That’s the emotion straight away. 

"And there is frustration also. 

"But congrats to Séb and to Isabelle.

"They have done a remarkable rally and performance to win this rally. 

"It’s been a good fight, I really enjoyed the fight for the whole weekend. 

"I think this was one the fans could really enjoy – both of us, Séb and me – we felt that support this weekend. 

"It’s a good one for the sport.

"And I am happy for what we did. 

"Like I said, we can keep the head high and keep smiling because the performance from the team and from Benjamin and from me was good and strong".

Source: wrc.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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