Toyota and Hyundai are pushing FIA for hybrid regulations update

The team principals of Hyundai and Toyota, Julien Moncet and Jari-Matti Latvala, ask for sporting regulations updates in case of an issue with the hybrid unit. 

According to FIA regulations, when a red light of the hybrid unit switches on, then the driver is forced to retire from the rest of the day for safety issues and is not able to continue driving.

For instance, Ott Tanak was fighting for the win of Rally Sweden with Kalle Rovanpera on Friday morning, but the first one lost the hybrid power after ten kilometers in Stage 5.

However, he was on the road section for the next stage, but he could not start in Stage 6 as the issue with the hybrid kit triggered a red light and he had to retire.

The same problem happened to Craig Breen and to Elfyn Evans who were forced to retire on Saturday afternoon and on Friday morning respectively. 

Finally, it must menetioned that when the light is green, this means that the car is safe to race and the spectators to approach these new cars.

"I can see we have got too many issues with them the hybrid units at the moment, Latvala said.

"They need to be stable and they shouldn’t be the reason for a manufacturer to be stopping in rallies, so I think there is some place for improvements. 

"We hope the FIA will take more reaction on that. 

"I think something like a regulation update we need to consider because this is the thing, we understand that in motorsport you will have technical problems and issues, but basically because it is the hybrid units, there is nothing we can do ourselves because they are coming from outside.

"They should not stop us continuing the race. 

"We saw Kalle won the rally and he didn’t have hybrid today and Elfyn didn’t have it this morning we should be in a situation where they didn’t stop us. 

"I think we could do some updates on the sporting regulations.

"The first priority is the safety but I think we can look to improve, keep the safety, but keep the cars running".

From his side, Moncet said: "First of all, Ott is very frustrated and we are as well, as he was on the pace.  

"We know how fast he can be in Sweden, it is disappointing. 

"I think we are on the same page with the other manufacturers and with the FIA that we have to rethink some sporting regulations to avoid this situation again.

"Let’s work all together. 

"We have already had some meeting over the weekend and let’s make it happen to update the rules to try to avoid this happening again. 

"It is never easy as you have to think about all what can happen but we are learning. 

"We have to avoid this".


Photo Credits: Toyota

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