Toyota chose three new drivers for its WRC Challenge Program

Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT has named three new drivers for its WRC Challenge Program and they will drive a Rally4 car on the second half of this year.

The Japanese team had received 60 applications for its program and distinguished eight drivers among these applicants.

These eight drivers took part in a two-week training camp in Finland where their skills were tested by driving a GR Yaris road car, crosscarts and a two-wheel drive Rally4 car while they underwent fitness and neurological tests. 

Among these eight candidates, Mikko Hirvonen, Juho Hanninen and Jouni Ampuja chose Hikaru Kigure, Nao Otake and Yuki Yamamoto to continue Toyota's training program.

From today, these three drivers start their first-week training program by attending pacenote making lessons and by spending more time behind the wheel of Rally4 cars. 

In addition, they will relocate from Japan to Finland at the beginning of April with the aim of commensing an intense full-time training program and from summer they will take part in national rallies driving Rally4 cars in Finland and in Europe.

Finally, it must be mentioned that Toyota started WRC Challenge Program in 2015 where the current WRC runner, Takamoto Katsuta, took part in and now he is driving a Toyota GR Yaris Rally1.

Photo Credits: Toyota

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