Vettel not closes the door on rallying

Sebastian Vettel is interested in rallying participations if he is given the chance to do it after his recent participation at the Race of Champions in Sweden last weekend.

The German driver finished in second position overall at the Race of Champions and he was beaten on the finals by Sebastien Loeb.

"I need a lot of catching up", Vettel said.

"But I think I enjoy it a lot. 

"I always enjoyed watching what they are doing. 

"It’s a different discipline so you’re still having fun with a car but it’s just there are a lot of differences.

"It’s fascinating. 

"We had a chat over lunch also to understand a little bit more, it’s not just that you’re in the car and you’re driving.

"Very much like Formula 1 or in any category there’s a lot of work behind the scenes, doing your pacenotes and getting all the information you can, the same with us preparing the race and the analysis after.

"The sport progresses and there’s more to it than just driving which is also a challenge.

"So, for sure it’s not easy to just jump into it and be very good at it. 

"You need the time and experience but if somebody is willing to give me a shot and a chance and has a lot of time, I’m happy to look at it".

Finally, he is talking about his impressions from Race of Champions: "I think it’s something that is as a driver very satisfying to play with the car and to have more margin.

"Normally when the car steps out you correct it immediately and you’ve lost a bit of time.

"Here I think there’s much more grey. 

"You are sideways, maybe the timing’s a little bit off but you can correct now.

"Of course, you need to get into that really small window to be perfect. 

"And you saw the difference! But it’s definitely something I enjoy".


Photo Credits: Race of Champions 

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