Fourmaux reviews his 2022 season so far

Adrien Fourmaux is reflecting on the first two events of this year's World Rally Championship admitting that he took a massive lesson after his crash in Monte Carlo and is not happy that he has zero points on the championship.

The French driver had a massive crash in Stage 3 of Rallye Monte Carlo as he ran wide on a left-hander and hit the bank on the outside which bounced his Puma over the armco and down a ravine on the other side of the road.

As a result of this accident, he was not able to continue on Saturday as his Puma was heavily damaged on chassis. 

At Rally Sweden, Fourmaux stopped into Stage 13 as the engine of his Puma was misfiring, but he managed to get moving again and to get to the finish line of that stage.

However, the technical issues with his car continued on Sunday morning, therefore the M-Sport driver was forced to retire on the road section before the start of Stage 16.

"I was happy with Sweden", Fourmaux said.

"It was a good rally for me, it was what I needed after Monte. 

"The crash in Monte was tough, but it taught me to look at the bigger picture for the rally – there was no need for me to be pushing like that, especially on the third stage.

"I probably put too much pressure to myself for that event, I was telling myself this was like my home round and I had to make a result on my rally. 

"I needed to focus more on myself and what I was doing and not be thinking so much to the drivers around me. 

"It was a big mistake.

"At the start in Sweden, I was still feeling stressed. 

"In some of the fast sections, I was not so happy, I was tense. 

"When I relaxed a little bit the time was coming and everything was working more.

"It’s tough to go to Croatia without points, but sometimes this is the way motorsport works. 

"I will keep my head up and take the positives from what has happened. 

"After Monte I needed to take some confidence back in my driving and in Sweden I did that".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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