M-Sport Ford to decide Fourmaux's entry in Portugal this week

The team principal of M-Sport, Richard Millener, says that the team will review Adrien Fourmaux's performance so far in 2022 and then will decide his future for the rest of this season while it is uncertain if he will compete in Portugal next month.

The French driver has two crashes so far this season and was not able to restart under the regulations of Rally2 in Monte Carlo and in Croatia due the extensive damage to his Puma.

In fact, his crash in Monte Carlo was a heavy one and M-Sport Ford had to send the damaged Puma back to the factory as the chassis was heavily damaged.

Fourmaux apologized to his team and went to M-Sport factory with the intention of helping the mechanics to rebuild the chassis for Rally Sweden.

Finally, it must be mentioned that he has zero points on driver's championship, because he has three retirements (two of them due to his crashes and one of them due to a mechanical issue)

"We have some talking to do and some decisions to make", Millener said.

"There are too many crashes from Adrien on Tarmac right now. 

"Too many.

"We will review things this week. 

"We’ve entered Adrien for Portugal and, without a doubt, one of the options is for him to fulfil that entry.

"But we have a range of options available to us. 

"We can carry on like nothing’s happened, run him in Portugal and get on with it, right the way through to him not driving a Rally1 car again. 

"The answer to your question is somewhere between the two, I’d imagine.

"We know there are two sides to stories.

"We know Adrien had a completely dry test and that wasn’t ideal for a rally as wet as Croatia, but he wasn’t alone in that – lots of other drivers tested in dry conditions.

"This is frustrating for all of us.

"I feel the frustration for the team. 

"The driver understands what it takes to put the car together, the effort that goes in; Adrien was in the workshop after his crash in Monte Carlo working with them – but it’s not like he’s in that high-pressure situation all the time, trying to get the cars turned around and sorted out.

"You can’t just keep turning up to the workshop and saying sorry, but this is a junior team and when we’re developing young drivers these are the difficulties we face.

"It’s a high-pressure environment. 

"He’s one of the leading drivers in the team and no matter how much we try to take the pressure away it’s there and he knows it’s there and he has to deal with it without crashing".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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