Neuville and Wydaeghe fined for overspeeding at Rally Croatia

The stewards of Rally Croatia have given a fine to Thierry Neuville and Martijn Wydaeghe for breaking the sporting regulations which are about the speed limit on road sections.

The incident happened when the Belgian crew overspeeded with the intention of arriving in time at the Service Park before the alternator problem hit them.

Unfortunately, the alternator issue stopped the engine of their i20N before arriving at the time control and they received a 40-second time penalty for checking late into the TC4A area as both of them were pushing their car for 800 meters to get back to the service area.

However, the speed limit was at 80 Km/h while Neuville was driving with a speed of 156 Km/h meaning that he was driving 76 Km/h more than the speed limit.

For this reason, the stewards decided to give them a fine and they have to pay 1.900€ for this infringement.

Finally, it must be mentioned that Neuville receive a fine last year for the same reason in Estonia, but the stewards of Rally Estonia were stricter as he received a one-race ban if he repeated this breach again in 2021.

Read below the stewards' decision:

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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