Neuville's Croatia test delayed due to heavy snow

Hyundai Motorsport was forced to postpone Thierry Neuville's test for Rally Croatia due to the heavy snow existed on the tarmac roads.

The Korean team had scheduled a test program for its drivers last weekend, but only Ott Tanak and Oliver Solberg managed to test the Hyundai i20N Rally1 in Croatia.

More specifically, Tanak and Solberg tested their car on last Friday and Sunday respectively while Neuville's test program was for Saturday.

However, due to the heavy snow Neuville was not able to prepare himself for Rally Croatia last Saturday, but the weather got better on Sunday, therefore Solberg was able to test his car that day.

It is expected that Neuville will be behind the wheel of Hyundai i20N Rally1 on April 9.

"We had our first test day for Croatia Rally on Friday with Ott in normal conditions, but then – like almost everywhere in Europe – the weather conditions started to change over the weekend and made things a bit complicated", Julien Moncet said.

"The area where we were in Croatia got hit by snow, so we had to rethink our plan as we couldn’t go ahead and do our test day on Saturday with Thierry.

"With the support of the local authorities and the organisers we could get authorisations and a road to run on Monday, so Thierry could drive for a day as planned.

"Meanwhile, the weather got better and Oliver could run on Sunday as per our initial schedule. 

"Thierry finally completed his test day on Monday – just two days later than planned – in good weather conditions with no issues".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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