Hyundai to bring new chassis for Sordo in Portugal after Solberg's crash

Hyundai Motorsport will bring a new chassis to Dani Sordo's i20N Rally1 car at Rally de Portugal after Oliver Solberg's crash in Croatia which caused a fire.

Solberg went off the road 3.9 Km after the start of Stage 9 at Rally Croatia and this accident caused a damage to his car while afterwards his i20N caught into fire due to heat emerging from the exhaust system.

However, it must be mentioned that the fire was not related to hybrid unit and electronical parts of his car despite the fact that a red light was triggered by the hybrid unit after the fire.

The car of Solberg returned to the Service Park of Rally Croatia and no one was permitted to get close to it as it was unsafe due to the red light that was triggered by the hybrid unit.

After the end of Rally Croatia, the chassis returned to the Hyundai factory in Alzenau for further examination, but eventually the mechanics built a new chassis despite the fact that the car was repairable, therefore Sordo will get a new chassis for Rally de Portugal.

Dani Sordo will make his first outing with Hyundai Motorsport this season in Portugal while it is expected that he will compete in four more rallies in 2022 apart from the upcoming event next week.


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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