FIA announces new regulations for WRC

FIA decided to apply new technical regulations in World Rally Championship and announced them at World Motor Council which was held on June 29th.

More specifically, WRC teams have now four hours to fix the retired P1 cars which means that they will have additional time to work on them. This change will help the teams to optimize the workload before and after the evening service.

Moreover, FIA clarified the operational safety procedures for quarantine, recovery supervision and "red car" exercise which were proposed for the first time last January.

From now on, the road books will be available digitally before the rally and will be sent to the competitors via mail to print them. FIA made this decision for sustainability reasons and for reducing the costs.

Last but not least, with a view to reducing the cockpit high temperatures, FIA approved the suggestions related to the opening of the rear window and roof vent of Rally1 cars which require the support of Homologation Commission.

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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