Greensmith about his crash in Stage 8 of Safari Rally

Gus Greensmith explains his crash in Stage 8 of Safari Rally Kenya and is referring to what happened with the marshals in that stage.

The British driver was forced to retire after Stage 9 following the crash he had in Stage 8 which happened when he cut the inside of a right-hander.

Despite the fact that he managed to continue in Stage 8 and 9 wearing goggles as the windscreen did not exist, M-Sport Ford decided to retire his car for the rest of Saturday.

However, it must be mentioned that he was angry with the marshals as they did not assist him and Jonas Andersson, therefore the crew was trapped in their car for three minutes until the time Greensmith broke the windscreen.

"We were just driving trying to finish the rally", Greensmith said.

"We came into a long right that tightens into a medium right and it had some ruts in it. 

"It was the same as last year and I still had the caution in the notes, but it lifted from the rear and I couldn’t turn out of the roll and we rolled. 

"We were stuck in the car for three minutes because the marshals wouldn’t help. 

"I had to kick the windscreen out to get out of the car because we saw Oliver’s car catch fire in similar circumstances in Croatia, so I was thinking I want to be out of this car quite quickly. 

"If the car was green which is was there is no reason why the marshals shouldn’t have helped".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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