Kankkunen hopes to test a Rally1 car in summer

Juha Kankkunen says that he is hoping to get behind the wheel of a hybrid car in the summer time as he finds these cars interesting due to their increased horsepower.

The four-time World Rally Champion was in Sardinia last weekend and watched closely the race as he was at the studio with Becs Williams and commentated some stages with her while he expressed his desire to test a Rally1 car.

However, it must be mentioned that he had driven a WRC car as he competed alongside his son in 2019 and had been behind the wheel of a Toyota Yaris WRC.

"I'm hoping to test a hybrid in the summer time", Kankkunen said.

"I just want to go and try it and have a little go and be able to tell the difference between last year's car.

"I have been a driving a lot of cars. 

"It is interesting because they are a little bit different to last year's car as it is a little bit heavier, but it has quite a lot more power when you can use the hybrid. 

"They are close to 500 horsepower for a while.

"The recent cars are good I have been driving the cars they are so much easier and good to drive.

"Let's say that an old man can drive at 90% but the the final 10% is for the young people. 

"They are beautiful good cars to drive, the aerodynamics and the suspension are great, but that is how the technology goes."

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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