Neuville puts pressure on Hyundai for internal changes

Thierry Neuville says that he pushes Hyundai to change its internal structure  with the aim of the team making important decisions for the World Rally Championship, but admits that all people are working on this.

Hyundai Motorsport has put Julien Moncet as the deputy team principal of the WRC team after Andrea Adamo's departure from the team at the end of 2021 and generally has made major changes in its organization which seem not to be working this season after the difficult start it had in 2022.

"Everybody does what they can, we still need to work on some internal structure, which we have to improve", Neuville said.

"And we know, and we are working on it.

"I think everybody needs to be able to take decisions and go ahead. 

"And it seems like it’s a bit more difficult at the moment.

"But I’m sure that very soon, we will improve on that. 

"And yeah, we can be even more competitive. 

"I mean, the car performance is there. 

"It’s not 100% yet, at least for me this weekend in Sardinia, I was struggling a bit still.

"But somehow, despite having a few struggles, we still were able to set fastest time on the powerstage.

"I just can tell you that I pushed for the organization to improve. 

"And I mean, it’s not a case of changing people or whatever.

"It’s mainly getting the people the responsibilities they should have, and the decisions as well that they can take the decisions they should be able to take. 

"And once that is done, I’m sure that we’re going to be even stronger.

"It’s not only the team principal, he has his own responsibilities, but we have different departments. 

"And of course, we are working on it".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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