Pirelli to estimate the quality of its tyres after Kenya

The rally activity manager of Pirelli Motorsport, Terenzio Testoni, says that the brand will evaluate the WRC tyres after the end of Safari Rally and depending on this event it will make decisions for improving its tyres.

Many WRC drivers have complained about Pirelli tyres so far this season after their having suffered punctures during the events and have questioned about the quality of the tyres.

It is noteworthy that there were eight punctures in one single day in Croatia with many drivers being frustrated about how easy they got a puncture.

The problem with the punctures continued in Portugal and in Sardinia as well, but the tough Safari Rally Kenya will be the crash test event for the WRC tyres of Pirelli.

"In Portugal we had a meeting after the punctures", Testoni said.

"From the outside these seemed like a lot, but they were not. 

"We had dedicated meetings with the teams to understand their needs. 

"They told us not to touch the current tyres, because they have references with these.

"Punctures are part of rallying, it has always been like that. 

"However, we have given ourselves as a point to make decisions that of the Safari. 

"After that we can evaluate and possibly intervene.

"We have never stopped tyre development for this year, but also for next year. 

"The next test is Kenya, a rally where the speeds will be very high and will be so for quite some time, and this will put so much load on the tyre construction.

"The cars will go close to 200 km/h even for two or three kilometres. 

"This will make the tyre heat up and put a strain on it.

"Everything will depend on what we see in Kenya. 

"We will wait for that race and then make the necessary evaluations.

"All things have positive and negative aspects, the positive ones we are seeing. 

"We are evaluating the negative ones and then trying to improve them".

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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