Rovanpera happy for scoring more points than Neuville in Sardinia

Kalle Rovanpera is being glad that the tough Rally Italia Sardegna is over after the issues he faced on Sunday and for extending his championship lead at the end of this event.

The Finn driver finished fifth overall despite the fact that he was opening the stages on Friday and scored four extra points for the drivers' championship as he was the second fastest driver in Powerstage.

Moreover, he faced steering problems on Sunday which made his day even tougher on these hard gravel roads of the Italian island.

Finally, Rovanpera is leading the drivers's championship with 120 points and his gap from the second Thierry Neuville is now at 55 points.

"Of course, we knew really well that it was going to be really important to have good points and if you can get more than Thierry that is already enough", Rovanpera said.

"The only goal for the final day was to gain some points on the powerstage and we picked up four points and fifth place in the rally.

"We knew that we just needed to be clever and we did that and we got more points than Thierry, so we can be quite happy with that.

"I was a bit disappointed with the feeling of the car on the last stage.

"I was struggling a lot with the car and fighting some issues with the steering which was really rough. 

"I had some moments and mistakes so for sure I couldn't be fully happy.

"This was a tough weekend and I'm glad it is over."


Photo Credits: Toyota

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