Breen about his crash in Stage 4 of Rally Estonia

Craig Breen says that he did nothing stupid in Stage 4 of Rally Estonia which led him to go off the road and is being disappointed of his crash.

The Irish driver started Rally Estonia in a positive way as he was first overall at the end of Stage 1 after his having won the superspecial stage while he dropped to fourth position overall at the end of Stage 3.

However, he stopped 15 Kilometers into Stage 4 as he ran wide on a left-hander and slid off the road resulting in damaging the steering of his Puma and being stuck in a ditch due to a concrete.

Finally, it is yet to be confirmed if he will restart on Saturday under the regulations of Rally2 as M-Sport mechanics must evaluate the damage on his Puma firstly.

"I’m disappointed obviously", Breen said.

"This is one of our rallies to shine.

"So for sure, there’s more to be done.

"From a chassis side, I was really happy with the car. 

"I felt confident, I was enjoying the drive.

"It’s been a long time since I’ve made a mistake on any of these kinds of rallies and it was very, very unfortunate I would say.

"We were very unlucky. 

"It wasn’t like I was braking 100 meters too late or something stupid like that. 

"I was just a fraction too wide.

"If that concrete post wasn’t there, we would have probably reversed out and away we went. 

"So that’s the way it is".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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