Pirelli not have any intention to make any tyre alteration after Safari success

The rally activity manager of Pirelli Motorsport, Terenzio Testoni, says that it is not necessary for the Italian brand to examine any possible evolution in the current WRC tyres as WRC drivers faced less punctures in Kenya this year in comparison with the last year's Safari Rally.

Many WRC drivers had complained in Croatia about the quality of Pirelli tyres as there were eight punctures in one single day in that event.

In fact, Pirelli was thinking of examining its tyres again after the end of Safari Rally and set that event as a deadline to see how it would move forward for the rest of this year.

However, it must be mentioned that despite the rough conditions in Kenya a small number of WRC drivers suffered from punctures in comparison with what happen at Rally Croatia four months ago.

"From the teams, it was quite clear the conditions were rougher and there were less punctures than last year", Testoni said.

"For me, it was a positive test in Kenya and the tyre was better than last year.

"The most important thing in Kenya and if you want to win the rally you have to have less punctures than everybody.

"I cannot say that you need high grip from the compound to win. 

"You need to be very careful and look after the tyre but the rims on the car also.

"If you look at the top three, the only one that didn't have a proper puncture was Kalle Rovanpera and if you look at the top three on speed they were not the fastest.

"Then also the soft was used for the first time in a very hot condition and in a long stage at high speed it looks like a good tyre. 

"For me, the soft has been really, really good at making grip in any condition".

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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