Tanak gets a fine for not wearing his Pirelli cap on podium of Rally Estonia

The stewards of Rally Estonia gave to Ott Tanak a fine for not wearing his cap during the podium and the post-event press conference.

According to the Estonian driver, he took off his cap during the podium celebrations, the national anthems and the post-event press conference of FIA as his Pirelli cap was wet due to the champagne spray and the outside temperature was low.

However, the stewards examined some photos and videos from WRC+ and decided to give to Tanak a fine 1.000€ for removing his cap during these events as his action broke the sporting regulations of FIA which are related to the promotional activities.

Finally, Tanak gets a suspended fine and it is possible to pay an additional 3.000-euro fine if he repeats any action that is against the promotional activities of FIA and WRC Promoter in 2022.

Read below the stewards' decision:

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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