The rally route of Rallye Monte Carlo 2023

The organizers of Rallye Monte Carlo announced the rally route of their event of 2023 and changed the 50% of their rally.

The recce of Rallye Monte Carlo will start on January 16-17 for all drivers while the Shakedown session will be held on January 19. More specifically, the Shakedown stage will be closed to the public due to safety reasons and the drivers will have to cover a distance of 2,29 Kilometers to make their final adjustments for the start of the race. 

The ceremonial start will be held at Place du Casino in Monte Carlo at 18:30 local time and afterwards the drivers will head to the mountains to compete in two night stages. The famous stage "Turini" will be different to the previous years as it will be start from Campo de Millo. Finally, the night stages conclude with "Col de Castillon", a 25-Kilometer stage.

On Friday 20 January, the total loop will include six stages with their total distance reaching the 106,18 Kilometers. "Roure - Beuil", "Puget-Theniers" and "Brianconnet" are the stages that are included to the second day of the race. However, the drivers and the teams will face a challenge as there will be only tyre regrouping and no midday service.

On Saturday 21 January, there will be no midday service as well and the drivers will change their tyres and regroup in Digne-les-Bains. The third day will include five stages and 98,43 Kilometers. The action will start with the 2020 version of "Malijai/Puimichel" and continuing with "Saint-Geniez/Thoard" which will be running twice. The final stage of the day will be "Ubraye/Entrevaux" which is scheduled to be held at night.

On Sunday 22 January, four special stages totaling 68,98 Kilometers are scheduled and the drivers still will not have a midday service. The final day will start with the traditional stage "Luceram/Lantosque" and continuing with the 2023 version of "Col de Turini". The crews will be running twice from these stages and "Col de Turini" will host the Powerstage. Finally, the drivers will return to Monaco around 14:30 to pass the finish line and afterwards the best three finishers will receive their trophies on Place du Casino.

Totally, the Rallye Monte Carlo of 2023 will include 17 stages and 314,52 Kilometers.

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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