Fourmaux explains his incident with the police in Belgium

Adrien Fourmaux explains the reason why the police stopped him before the start of Stage 15 of Ypres Rally resulting in taking a time penalty for this delay.

The Frenchman started two minutes late in Stage 15 and took 20-second time penalty for arriving late at the stop control of the stage resulting in dropping one place on the overall classification.

The incident happened when there were a lot of people in the middle of the road section and Fourmaux tried to pass them with the intention of arriving at the stage in time.

For this reason, police decided to stop him, therefore the M-Sport driver received a time penalty for this delay by the stewards of Ypres Rally.

"We have been stopped by the police on the road section because we were overtaking the big queue of cars going to the roundabout, and the policeman disagreed with that", Fourmaux said.

"It was taking time so then we were two minutes late at the time control, so it’s unfortunate. 

"For sure it’s quite frustrating".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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