Millener - Breen's mistake should have not happened

The team principal of M-Sport Ford, Richard Millener, says that Craig Breen's mistake in Finland should have not happened, but at the same time he understands the fact that his driver wanted to fight for a better position.

The Irish driver hit a rock in Stage 12 after a crest resulting in stopping after that incident due to the fact that a wheel was hanging off and it was impossible for him to continue.

However, it is still unknown if Breen will restart on Sunday under the regulations of Rally2 as the mechanics have to evaluate if his Puma has been damaged to roll cage which would be a game over for the leading driver of M-Sport Ford.

"That’s honestly, that’s just too fast", Millener said.

"That bank was there for a while, so that’s a mistake we shouldn’t really be seeing unfortunately.

"That one there is a mistake that shouldn’t happen because it’s clear if you go wide on that crest you’re gonna be in the bank.

"I understand that he’s trying to get the positions we want to see, but retirements are 10 times worse than anything else. 

"So it’s frustrating".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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