M-Sport Ford backs up Breen after Finland mistake

The team principal of M-Sport Ford, Richard Millener, says that the team supports Crai Breen after his mistake at Rally Finland and believes that his driver has even more hard work ahead of Ypres Rally.

The Irishman hit a rock in Stage 12 after a crest which led him to stop and to retire from the rest of Saturday as the rear wheel of his Puma was hanging off.

However, his mechanics prepared his car for Sunday and he scored only four points in Finland as he was the second fastest driver in Powerstage.

Breen remains sixth overall on drivers' championship and has 64 points after Rally Finland while the fifth Takamoto Katsuta is 17 points ahead of him.

"There is an element of everyone has to take responsibility for their role in the team and the crews have the most important part of the whole thing", Millener said.

"We’re working very hard as a team to get the results we want and the results… there’s no doubt Craig’s got the speed in him, we’ve seen that, but he’s got to get it delivering the results. 

"That’s why he’s in the team.

"So it’s hard for the guys. 

"The team works very hard to get these cars here and we need the results for the good of them and the good of the team going forward.

"But it’s done now. 

"He’s probably got an even harder job now to reset and get himself ready for Ypres where we know he can be very strong".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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