Solberg about his crash in SS2 of Rally Finland

Oliver Solberg is talking about the crash he had in Stage 2 of Rally Finland and is being disappointed with the season he has so far.

The Swede driver crashed just 300 meters into SS2 when he slid wide on the very first corner of the stage, hit something hard on the road and his i20N then rolled over.

Hyundai Motorsport confirmed that he and his co-driver, Elliott Edmondson, are unharmed, but they are not able to continue on Saturday due to rollcage damage.

"The rear snapped again, I just lost control and I knew I was never going to get it back", Solberg said.

"I saw the tree and when I hit the tree I thought I was going to spin but unfortunately it rolled over, so I don’t know if you’d call it bad luck or stupid or whatever I don’t know but… yeah difficult. 

"Very difficult.

"For sure it’s not easy but it’s been a lot of bad luck.

"OK Croatia and here were accidents but in both the rear snapped, so it’s very difficult to understand why these things happen for myself. 

"I don’t know what to say.

"It’s difficult and we know it’s very difficult in the team at the moment. 

"Also with the car and so on, but it’s difficult to find that balance if you want to be last and want to try to be fast. 

"I don’t know".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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