Suninen disqualified from Rally Finland, Lindholm is the new WRC2 winner

The stewards of Rally Finland decided to disqualify Teemu Suninen from his home event resulting in losing his WRC2 victory.

More specifically, during the last scrutineering, Suninen's car was not to comply with the homologation form with regard to the front bumper, which during the checks weighed 3931g while the homologated minimum weight is stated as 4510g. 

Two people from Hyundai admitted to the stewards that the front bumper was not an original part produced by the team, but a copy, and that it was used as a replacement for the original bumper during testing. The part was fitted to car in error by the team Red Grey, who prepare the car on behalf of Hyundai Motorsport N.

The young driver was the winner of Rally Finland in WRC2 class, but after this decision Emil Lindholm is the WRC2 winner of the eighth round of World Rally Championship 2022.

Read below the stewards' decision:

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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