Tanak comprehends Solberg's difficult situation of 2022

Ott Tanak feels sorry for Oliver Solberg's troubles in 2022 and sympathizes admitting that the last one joined Hyundai Motorsport in a hard period.

The young star of Hyundai has done many mistakes so far in 2022 which led him to retire (Croatia, Finland), to restart under the regulations of Rally2 (Portugal) or to damage his i20N (Kenya).

His best result so far is a sixth place at Rally Sweden and he has complained many times for the behavior of his car like his teammates.

But the most difficult thing for him to deal with was the crash in Stage 2 of Rally Finland which happened on the very first corner of the stage.

"I mean for sure, I’m sorry for Ollie, but as we know, the situation in the team is not the easiest and especially for a junior driver like he is, just coming into the sport and on this level and environment, even for us it is difficult, the car was very late and all these things", Tanak said.

"So I would say all these things that have been happening, the crash was probably not the smartest thing to do, but altogether I would say Oliver shouldn’t be too worried.

"It’s not all his fault, so he just needs to focus on himself".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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