Rovanpera: I was not having the feeling from Yaris since Acropolis Shakedown

Kalle Rovanpera admits that he struggled to find a good feeling inside his Yaris from the start of Acropolis Rally saying that running first on the road was tricky.

The Finn driver said at the end of the Shakedown session that the Yaris lacked traction and was afraid that the suspension set-up was wrong for this gravel event.

Indeed, he reported no traction at the end of Stage 3 while he dropped outside the top ten at the end of Stage 9 after hitting a tree with the rear of his Yaris resulting in driving slowly throughout Saturday morning.

Eventually, he finished outside the top ten at the end of Acropolis Rally, but he managed to score four points as he was the second fastest driver in Powerstage.

"This was definitely a tough weekend", Rovanpera said.

"From the start, I wasn’t having the feeling from the car – since the shakedown. 

"It’s tough, but the good thing is that we took some points from the Power Stage and that helps.

"Running at the front on Friday and then on the final day on Sunday, the feeling was tricky. 

"We had to push hard in the Power Stage to make the points which will help for the championship. 

"It wasn’t easy, but now we put this one back and we’re going to look forwards to the next event. 

"We want to come back much stronger in New Zealand. 

"For the championship, still nothing is finished".


Photo Credits: Toyota

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