The curse that follows Fourmaux in Belgium and Greece

Adrien Fourmaux has a surprisingly interesting statistic about his participations at Ypres Rally and Acropolis Rally since 2021.

More specifically, the Frenchman had a huge crash in Stage 3 of last year's Ypres Rally which had as a result to retire for the rest of that rally as the chassis of his Fiesta was heavily damaged. This crash happened when he turned a left corner and lost the rear of his Fiesta after that corner, therefore his car was starting rolling and eventually it ended up in a ditch.

In 2022, he repeated his DNF result in Belgium as he crashed in Stage 19 of the event and was just one stage away from finishing in fifth place overall. However, the M-Sport mechanics were unable to prepare his Puma for the round 10 of this year's World Rally Championship as it was damaged in the chassis, therefore he will miss this rally and will only take part in the recce.

Just like this year, Fourmaux also did not compete in Greece a year ago as his crash in Belgium had an impact to the chassis of his Fiesta and his mechanics could not fix his car in time for Acropolis Rally. In fact, this chassis had the number #13 and was the longest lasting chassis in the WRC history.

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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