McRae: Rovanpera's success would have amazed Colin

Alister McRae says that his brother, Colin, would have been amazed by Kalle Rovanpera's success in World Rally Championship and believes that the last one is a natural driver.

Rovanpera clinched his first championship in WRC in New Zealand last weekend at the age of 22 years and one day old and became the youngest WRC ever Champion.

This record was been held by Colin McRae since 1995, as he became a WRC Champion at the age of 27 years and 109 days old when he was driving for Subaru.

"If you are good enough to do that then you deserve it, and I'm sure Colin would have said the same thing", McRae said.

"What Kalle has done this year and under pressure at various events is amazing. 

"He 100% deserves it.

"I think Kalle is a natural driver and is in a very good place at this moment in time, and it is all working together.

"I'm sure Colin would be looking in a bit of amazement at how good he actually is at such a young age. 

"I think it is a worry for everybody else in the championship.

"We knew he was quick but the maturity and the ability this year has got a lot of people wondering how he is able to do it at that age.

"It is pretty amazing to have that composure and the ability to push and set the times he sets, when at times he doesn't need to do it. 

"He just seems so comfortable in the car and in his own driving. 

"He is doing things, having just turned 22, that is just not normal".


Photo Credits: Toyota

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