Moncet about Hyundai's decision to part ways with Solberg

The deputy team principal of Hyundai Motorsport is talking about the decision that the team made to end their collaboration with Oliver Solberg and reveals that they are already looking for their options for next year's World Rally Championship.

Hyundai Motorsport announced a week ago that Oliver Solberg will not continue with them in 2023 as it seemed that they were not happy with his performance this year after his having many crashes and being out of pace.

His 2022 season was over at Rally New Zealand as the Alzenau team confirmed Dani Sordo for Rally Spain and Rally Japan while it must be mentioned that they decided his departure during Rally NZ.

"It was taken after careful consideration", Moncet said about the end of Hyundai's collaboration with Solberg. 

"It took time, but the final decision was made during Rally New Zealand.

"It came from the team, in Alzenau. 

"However, for such important matters, Korea is of course in the loop.

"I really appreciate Oliver, who always respected the team, who got involved, who gave us a lot of feedback. 

"It has shown encouraging performances in the last two rallies. 

"Certainly, we worked with him and, therefore, invested in his potential for some time, so we can regret not going to the end of the process. 

"However, this did not correspond to the expectations of results for 2023 and the need to have an experienced crew composition to aim for maximum points on each round.

"Oliver has potential, there's no doubt about it, but we have to think about the championship ahead".

Finally, he anwers if Hyundai has already talked with other drivers for 2023 and it there is a possibility of a fourth i20N next year: "We have contacted some or have been approached by some.

"A 4th car is not on the agenda".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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