Ogier reprimanded and fined for performing doughnuts in Spain

The stewards of Rally Spain gave to Sebastien Ogier a reprimand and a fine for breaking the sporting regulations at the end of the rally before the final podium.

More specifically, the Frenchman was summoned to the stewards, but he could not attend to this meeting and Kaj Lindstrom (team manager of Toyota) had a phone call with him to get his explaination. The last one stated that his driver saw how one preceding car started with the launch into the podium area and he thought this was an exhibition area prepared to perform doughnuts. Therefore, the stewards decided to give him a reprimand and a fine of 1.500€ as he broke the sporting regulations of FIA and they considered his driving as unsafe.

Read below the stewards' decision:

Photo Credits: Toyota

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